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November 26, 2015

Why You Need Legal Representation Even if You Are Innocent

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Many people believe that if they were to be charged with a criminal offence of which they were not guilty, justice would automatically prevail and their innocence would be proven to the satisfaction of all. Whilst this can and does happen in many cases, it is not something I would recommend anybody to rely on and even if you are proven innocent in the end, the whole process can be a lot harder and more drawn out than necessary should you decide to go it alone.

The Voice of Experience

My advice is not based on any personal experience of being charged with a criminal offence but I have spent a number of years in and around the legal system in England so I like to think that I have gained more than a little wisdom on the subject along the way. I would like to stress however, that what I write should not be considered as professional legal advice because I am not qualified to give such advice. It is just my personal thoughts, which I hope may help some people to avoid making basic mistakes should they be arrested and charged with a criminal offence.

The Reasons You Might Need Criminal Solicitors in London

If you have done nothing wrong but still find yourself being arrested and taken to a holding cell, here are some reasons you should never decline the offer of legal representation:

·         Possibility of Accidentally Incriminating Yourself – Whilst you may be completely innocent, unless you are familiar with the way that the interrogation process works in British police stations, you should insist on the presence of a solicitor before answering any questions. It can be very easy to say something incriminating, especially if you see no reason to be on your guard, and a good solicitor will be able to ensure that you say no more than is strictly necessary.

·         Bail Application – A solicitor can advise you of your rights and make sure that reasonable bail conditions are set should you be charged.

·         Possibility of Faster Release – Even if the police do not really have enough evidence to substantiate their suspicions, they may still hold you for the maximum amount of time allowed under law before deciding whether to lay charges. With an experienced solicitor by your side, it is often more likely that you will be released in such circumstances, as your solicitor will make it clear that without any conclusive evidence, they really have no reason to hold you any longer than is strictly necessary.

You can accept the legal representation offered by the police or you can make sure that you have the telephone number of an experienced firm of criminal solicitors in London with you at all times so that you can request a legal representative of your own choice to attend in the event you are arrested. Although there are some very good duty solicitors available, I would suggest the latter option to ensure that effective legal assistance is always available to you.